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Joy. More work. A journaling assignment at Hogwarts. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy using computers; Lisa and I own one at our home, but do we really need more work? I suppose it'll come in handy from time to time. Lisa seems to be happy about this assignment though. She also seemed a bit too happy about George's letter.

The trip to Ireland and Scotland was very peaceful. The scenery and such calmed my spirit. I've bonded with my parents as well. I've bought interesting little trinklets, such as a horseshoe. Supposedly, I will have good luck if I hang it over my doorway. How amusing. I'm sure that'll confuse my roomates at school.

Toccata seems to be quite tired; I shall let him rest for a while. Don't expect owls from me until then.

Lisa invited me to go along with her to George and Fred's place. That will be quite interesting. I don't know why she would want me in the way, though. Since she keeps insisting, I will follow along.

Amazingly, I have been appointed as a prefect along with Ginny Weasley. My parents squealed were very happy for me. It was embarrassing. I've had a beaming smile for several hours, then the excitement died out afterwards. I guess I shall see everyone when Hogwarts begins once again. Until then, you can find me at WWW.
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