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Diagon Alley.

Interesting adventure yesterday. Went down to Diagon Alley with a group with the excitement of buying new supplies. That was sarcastic. At one point, I had turned around to ask Lisa a question, but she had disappeared from the group. George was gone as well. How ever surprising. Anyway, after I had bought all my supplies, I left the group. Sorry guys, but I didn't need to stick around. Everyone had their little cliques to banter amongst. I arrived back to WWW and made myself a cup of hot chocolate. I do hope I used the right bag with the chocolate mix. Though, it won't be surprising if I suddenly grew fur on my ears or something of that sort. I mean, it's the Weasley twins' shop that we are talking about. I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, so I shall not worry.

If you are in need of an exquisite piece of music, I suggest the 1812 Overture in E Flat Major Op. 49, by the brilliant composer, Tchaikovsky. A very rhythmic and unrestrained mix of notes and tempos. An exciting, fast-paced piece, if you will. I am off to clean Toccata's cage now. He seems to have a knack of making a mess every day.
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