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Same place, new year

Hogwarts. Could you just smell the excitement? I shall not go on to babble about the wonderous feeling of being back at this school. Thank you, George and Fred Weasley, for allowing me to stay at WWW until now. We should get together soon. And hopefully, nothing will explode.

I hope being a prefect will not require much work from me be a wonderful experience. So far, it was quite relaxing. I've met many new students to the school. The first years are interesting. After I unpacked my things and headed out to the library, there were some of them standing by the common room do-- they are now standing by my side, watching me type. They say hello. I'm glad that they are becoming adjusted to the school. They do not need to follow my every move though.

At first, while leading some first years around, a young girl tugged at my robe. Rosalind Seymour was her name. I just allowed her to stay clinging to it. It was odd to turn though. Soon enough, her friend, Jane Quirke followed her, clinging to my other side. I felt like a fake superhero, cape fluttering in the air.

I shall now hang my horseshoe on top of my door back in the dorm rooms.
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