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elijah_turpin's Journal

Elijah Turpin
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House: Ravenclaw
Wand: 11", Elm, Demiguise Hair
Pet: Toccata, a tiny, red and white feathered scops owl.
Biography: Since he was little, Elijah had kept it a secret that he was a wizard. Never once had he asked about his magic nor how he had inherited it since his parents showed no signs of it; they are both muggles. When his sister, Lisa, talked to him about the books she had read, he imagined himself as the wizards in the fantasy novels. He always played around with his magic when no one was looking; it made the chores so much easier. However, the Ministry never descended on him. It was assumed that they had traced what he did on their radar, but he was so young and the magic was so insignificant. He was known as a child prodigy in schoolwork, easily grasping ideas and using them. When Lisa left the home to enter into Hogwarts, Elijah immediately told the family about his powers in hopes to follow his sister's footsteps into entering the school. From there, he became a prodigy in both schoolwork and magic.
Getting sorted into Ravenclaw was not a surprise. Many generations have gone through that house, including Lisa. Charms is his forte class, but he is easily fascinated by Transfiguration, practicing it as much as possible.